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Default KWV3 1M specific with Vorshlag top mounts

These are the best mod i added to my car and having now returned to oem suspension ive fallen out of love for my car a little.

Bought with the track in mind i was blown away with how much better the 1M's road manners and looks were improved aswell.

If you are in the market for this kit im sure you are aware of the details so ill stop there..

The kit has covered 15k miles and only removed as im storing the car and returning it to oem.

This is the later KW kit designed specifically for the 1M as opposed to the e90 Mr variation-

I also Purchased Vorshlag camber and caster adjustable top mounts which are only required if you are intending to run lots of camber etc on track and im happy to sell seperately if the new buyer is intending to use the kit for road use only.

I also Purchased SuperPro adjustable droplinks which enable adjustment of the front sway bar depending on your driving style but more importantly allow for a straight fit rather than cutting and welding the o.e bmw droplinks.

The pics show the kit after i have wiped it clean and sprayed with wd40 to prevent them siezing whilst in storage.


1500 kwv3's with SuperPro droplinks

300 (importing these to the uk cost me a fortune so worth bearing in mind)

Happy to Post worldwide but hopefully a uk buyer based near me in Gatwick would be ideal..

email.. jamierevpants@gmail.com
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